The Power of Solar Energy

The Power of Solar Energy

For thousands of years, we’ve used the sun for many different purposes, including for cooking foods, drying clothes, and growing crops. But only recently did people use it for generating power. As well all know, the sun, which is the center of our solar system, is 150 million kilometers (93 million miles) away from our planet. But did you know that the tiny fraction of the sun’s energy that is hitting the earth is enough to meet the power we need here on Earth?


According to National Geographic, every hour, more than enough energy arrives at Earth to meet our global energy demands for an entire year. Isn’t that amazing? The energy that comes from the sun is what we known as solar energy. It is harnessed with the use of technology, such as photovoltaic cells and solar heating, to make it usable.

Over the past few years, solar power has grown in importance due to the declining fossil fuel supply and the growing concern of protecting the environment. While it’s true that only a few numbers of people are currently using solar power systems to power their homes and businesses, it is expected that more and more people will use them in the years to come. Solar energy is beneficial not only to the individual owners, but to the environment as well. Read on to find out the benefits of this power source.

It is renewable. One of the best things about solar energy is it is renewable. That means that as long as the sun exists, we will continue to have electricity to power our appliances. Sure, you cannot access the sun’s energy during night or cloudy days, but you can still collect and store the sun’s energy with the use of solar power systems with energy storage feature so you can use it when the sun is not available.

It is environmentally friendly. Solar energy is a natural energy. It is clean, reliable, and safe as it doesn’t require burning of fossil fuels. Green house gases, particularly carbon dioxide, are produced when fossil fuels are burned. And as we all know, these harmful gases pollute our air, causing diseases and terrible weather conditions. The energy produced by solar power systems does not contribute to air pollution.

Low maintenance and long-lasting. Solar power systems and solar panels don’t require much maintenance in order for them to work as they don’t have any moving parts. You only need to inspect the panels a few times a year to remove any dirt or debris that may collect on them. In fact, most solar panel owners don’t clean them and just rely on the rain to do the job for them. But of course, it is still recommended to check your panels, even just a few times, to clean them.

It can reduce your electric bills. While it’s true that solar power systems can be quite expensive, they end up becoming very cost-effective in the long run since you use the sun as your energy source – a free energy source. The greater news is that when you collect more electricity than your home requires, you can sell that excess back to your company, which doesn’t only help you save cost but definitely help you earn more. Today, more and more studies are being done to produce more efficient solar power systems and create more ways to protect our depleting environment. Let’s help them make their job easier by relying on renewable energy source. The sun will keep on shining anyway, so why not use it, right?


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