Wind Energy: The Power of Wind

Wind Energy: The Power of Wind

Moving air – or what we commonly called as wind – may not seem like anything at all. In fact, people just look right through it most of the time and forget the importance of it. Little do people realize that wind has a lot of advantages and uses. Well, one of the common applications of wind is probably kite flying. Without wind, it is hard to fly a kite, isn’t it? Some other uses of wind is for sporting activities, including ice boating, wind surfing, paragliding, parasailing, and parachuting. Our ancient ancestors even used the wind to grind grains, draw water out of their wells, and propel their sailing vessels. Ever wondered what else can wind do?


Well, in this modern world, where there is a growing concern for the environment, wind is also used to generate an alternative source of energy – wind energy. Well, the truth is, people started to use the power of wind centuries ago. As mentioned earlier, ancient people used it to pump water, grind grain, and do other activities with the help of windmills. Today, modern people replaced the traditional windmills with specially-designed wind turbines in order to effectively harness the wind and produce more electricity. Most wind turbines have three blades, which capture the wind speed and rotate. This rotation triggers the shaft connected to them to spin, which then leads to generate power in a generator and ultimately produces electricity.

The amount of electricity produced by wind turbines depends largely on the size of the wind turbine. Sizes range from 50-foot-tall turbines that can power a single home and small farms, to commercial-scale turbines that are over 300 feet tall and are able to produce electricity to hundreds or even thousands of homes.

With the rising cost of electricity and the fast depletion of our energy sources – particularly of fossil fuels – the U.S. government and other governments from all over the world are now moving forward with aggressive efforts to develop the use of renewable energy sources and further reduce their cost, create more jobs, and save our future generation.

Alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar energy, are vital for our survival. Since they are renewable in nature, they can be produced on a large scale and more importantly, they can be used over and over. Furthermore, they are free and eco-friendly. Wind turbines also take only less space, so they are truly a great alternative energy source to use. What’s better is they don’t produce any harmful chemicals and can be placed in almost any remote locations, such as mountains, deserts, and offshore. When they combined with other alternative energy, such as solar panels, wind energy can be the best alternative to supply electricity to the entire planet.



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