Clean Water for Survival

Clean Water for Survival

Water – a colorless, odorless, and tasteless substance that is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. That’s why it’s also called H2O. It’s one of the most common substances here on Earth, covering almost 70 percent of our planet’s surface. Water can truly be found almost anywhere, but we must never take it for granted.


As individuals, we know that water is important for all of us. Apart from drinking it to survive, we use it to do so many important things every day, such as for cooking food, washing clothes, cleaning ourselves, heating our homes, brushing our teeth, raising animals, and growing crops. We also need it to think clearly, to fight disease, and to maintain the proper function of our body systems. In fact, about 50-75 percent of our body’s composition is water. Without it, we would never survive. Just a few days or even hours without water to drink, a person could die of dehydration.

I’ve mentioned that majority of the Earth’s surface is made up of water; however, a closer look at our water sources today will make you greatly alarmed. Infested with mountains of waste products, from plastics to chemicals, our greatest sources of water are now turned into poison. We might have so much water in this planet, but access to safe, clean, and fresh drinking water is the problem. With our obsession to keeping improving, we fail to notice that our actions are already affecting our environment, ourselves, and other living things that share this planet.

Currently, a billion of the planet’s population doesn’t have any access to safe drinking water, according to National Geographic. And an estimated 1.5 million children under the age of 5 die each year because of water-related diseases. Our chemical and manufacturing industries keep on releasing toxic chemicals that affect the air and flowing water. Many facilities and buildings also use more water than they need, without realizing how it affects others. People keep on throwing garbage everywhere, particularly in lakes, rivers, and oceans, which contaminates them and causes water-borne diseases.

If we keep on doing these things, we will soon live in a world that is lack of clean water to drink and use. And just imagine how the world would be without clean water. Well clearly, no one would ever survive. We would all die in thirst. No matter how much food we have on our tables, without water to drink, we can’t survive.

So before it becomes too late, we need to change our habits and act quickly. Let’s be responsible citizens. Well, it’s good to know that more and more people now are getting environmental-friendly. In fact, hundreds, if not thousands, of programs have been developed to promote environmental protection and support clean water movement. Let’s be part of it! Well, you don’t need to do major actions to help; in fact, you can help by simply staying at home and doing your part – conserve water! And let’s encourage each other to do the necessary things to help heal our wounded environment – not just for ourselves, but more importantly, for future generations.


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