Do Aliens Really Exist?

“Do aliens exist?”

– A question that has plagued mankind since the beginning of everything.

Humans are born explorers. We’re always curious, seeking answers to many different questions. We want to know everything – from how life has been created to how it’s going to end. We constantly challenge ourselves with increasingly difficult questions and persistently explore – even risking our lives – just to find answers and give ourselves a sense of realization.

About 200,000 years ago, when our species was first distinguished, the first humans went on long journeys to explore the planet and find lands to settle. According to National Geographic, our first species lived in Africa. This is where we first evolved and spent most of our time on the planet. After occupying the land, and probably because of climate shifts that were happening during that time, our ancestors left the continent to find other lands to dwell in and at the same time, to investigate. Our first ancestors made it to India; and a few years later, they reached Asia, Australia, Europe, and beyond.

During those times, hunting, fishing, and farming are the only ways to survive. But years later, they found ways to improve their way of life. Knowledge increased, industries developed, agriculture improved, and scientific advances discovered.


The advent of telescopes gave us an opportunity to see what’s beyond our own planet and appreciate the beauty of the universe. What our scientists learned with the use of telescopes paved the way for space exploration. In 1960s, scientists began to explore the outside of our beloved planet. Thanks to the knowledge of our race, they were able to develop more powerful machines and help our brave astronauts conduct research beyond the Earth.

From then on, thousands of brave and intelligent humans have traveled from Earth to space, to Moon, and back. And today, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is developing new ways to conduct more challenging space exploration and enable humans to reach Mars.

In each and every journey to space, a lot of people are waiting and expecting for answers. But until today, our explorers are yet to give conclusive evidence to prove if there’s really life out there. But are there really no evidence? Or they’re just keeping alien life a secret from us? Those are hard questions. And no one knows the answer except the people behind those explorations.

The only thing that we can do now is to probably WAIT… Wait until the NASA or other authorized organizations revealed the truth to us. Wait until we’re given a chance to personally visit other planets and talk to these extraterrestrial beings. Or wait until these people that we call “aliens” find our planet and communicate with us directly.


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